About Little Horribles

tumblr_inline_ml68inwC6B1qcz7s5Written and created by Amy York Rubin, “Little Horribles” is a darkly comedic web series following the poor decisions of a self-indulgent lesbian. The series chronicles all those things that really aren’t that big of a deal and follows Amy as she navigates her thirties in Los Angeles. Little Horribles rips apart and laughs in the face of those painfully uncomfortable moments that no one wants to remember, but everyone does.

The show’s unique voice is what attracted so many talented people to get involved early on. The series features a range of talent including Cynthia Stevenson (The PlayerDead Like MeHappiness), John Milhiser (Saturday Night Live),  Issa Rae (Awkward Black Girl), Ilana Glazer (Broad City ), Ann Carr (Louie), Sue Galloway (30 Rock), Kali Hawk (Bridesmaids, New Girl) and many more!

Cast & Crew 

tumblr_inline_mmv5myodVq1qcz7s5Issa Rae, who’s series “Awkward Black Girl” received a pilot deal from HBO, executive produced the series and appeared in episode one “Sexual Activity.” Issa has also  has been an invaluable partner in helping to get “Little Horribles” out into the world and in front of the right audience.


John Milhiser, who recently joined the cast of Saturday Night Live, played a multitude of parts and was invaluable both on and off-screen. John was featured in episode two,“LMFAO” and episode five, “Road Rage.” He also edited a bunch of the episodes and provided non-stop punching up all around.


8509_normalIlana Glazer’s star is rising .  With a new show produced by Amy  Poehler on Comedy Central, a growing following online and her first feature “How To Follow Strangers” killing it on the festivals circuit, it was a joy to work with Ilana on episode two, “LMFAO.”


ann-carr-3Ann Carr was one of the first people we worked with and then we just couldn’t get enough of  her. She’s featured in episodes “Sexual Activity”, “Bathroom Mirror”, and “Basketball.” From Ann’s web series, “The Actress” to her appearances on Louie, Ann has proven to be one of the most talented and hilarious actresses out there today.

kali_1Kali Hawk appeared in the “Basketball” and “Two Parties, One Night” episode and we loved every second of it. Kali’s been in a range of amazing movies and TV shows from New Girl to Bridesmaids and we were supes lucky to work with her!


cynthiaIt was an honor to work with Cynthia Stevenson in the “Minibar” episode where she played Amy’s mother. Cynthia can be seen in one of our all-time favorite movies, Todd Solondz’s Happiness as well as The Player, Dead Like Me and insane amount of other impressive films.



Sarah Streicher was a boon to this project from day one, acting primarily as a Story Editor but also contributing to many re-writes, one liners and overall series development. She’s a legit gem.


tumblr_inline_mmv5wmHn8m1qcz7s5Echo Kellum was a friggen steal. He’s so fun, so nice and so hilarious. Echo played “Paul”, the grossed-out driver who witnessed Amy pleasuring herself in her Prius in episode five, “Road Rage.”


AmyTalkington2009590B(1)Amy Talkington directed episode six, “Minibar” and brought a whole new level of creativity and order to the series. Amy is an accomplished writer and director who’s worked with some of our most favorite comedians,  including  Selma Blair and Anna Faris.


sueWe were insanely excited when the 30 Rock actor, Sue Galloway, agreed to work with us on the “Basketball” episode. Sue’s face is just too much. She’s one of our most favorite comedians, period and her web videos with Pam Murphy (Office Mates) are some of the best things we’ve ever seen.


nicoleNicole Byer, star of Mtv’s Girl Code, is a tremendous comedic actor and improviser. She was featured in episode eleven, “Spinning.” Nicole is going to do some serious things – she’s the real deal.


erinErin Foley played the flight attendant in the “Armrest” episode and she was SO much fun to work with. In addition to regularly killing it in comedy clubs around the country, Erin can be seen doing standup on Conan and she was our favorite guest star on NBC’s Go On. 


bartelsJen Bartels is fucking hilarious. Jen was the date in “Date” and she made everything better. Jen is one of the most talented comedians we know and can be seen in Fox’s reboot of “Living Color”, Men in  Black 3 and a slew of the best comedy videos out there.


AsifAliL2Asif Ali can really project his voice. He’s also a guaranteed laugh who tends to make everything significantly better. Asif was featured in the “Date” and “Two Parties, One Night” episodes.



georgeGeorge Basil’s nutsack was prominently featured in the “Basketball” episode. He was a real trooper and a joy to work with. George is one of the most versatile comedians we’ve ever worked with.


sasheerSasheer Zamata is gorgeous and has the best facial expressions. She was a joy to work with on “Bathroom Mirror” and we’re pretty confident that big things are happening for Sasheer. Her and Nicole Byer’s new UCB Comedy web series, In Pursuit of Sexiness, is one of the best series we’ve seen in a long time.


pamPam Murphy never messes up. Her UCB, one woman show, “The C Word” is possibly the only one woman show we’ve ever loved. Pam was featured in the “Armrest” episode and can be seen on 30 Rock, Happy Endings, and a ridiculous amount of hilarious internet videos.


jennJenn Schatz has some amazing Jew hair and we really let it do it’s thing in the “Two Parties, One Night” episode. Jenn was also the scene-stealing hotel receptionist in “Minibar.” Jenn’s commercial work and Funny or Die videos are amazing and she’s a true actress.


Groundlings grad, Misty Monroe is the scene-stealing comedian who played the pre-med store clerk in episode six, “Minibar.” You can watch her steal other scenes everywhere from Funny or Die’s “Between Two Ferns” to “New Girl.”


jamieJamie Lee’s spot-on hilarity on Mtv’s Girl Code led her to become a writer for the latest Late Show, The Pete Holmes Show. Jamie played the annoying zen like creature in episode eleven, “Spinning.”


jessica_1Jessie Cantrell is hilarious and so fun to work with and we’re in awe of her series “Tiny Apartment.” It was such a pleasure to work with her on “Bathroom Mirror.”



julieJulie Miller is a badass, get-shit-done kind of producer. But somehow, she’s still really nice. She came on board to produce the series and we never looked back.



chiokeChioke Nassor co-directed “Bathroom Mirror”  and was a peaceful dream to work with. His web series “Storytime” is another one of our favorites.



tomTom Virtue is one of those actors who you recognize from everywhere. He’s an amazing talent and we were so thrilled to work with him on the “Minibar” episode. Tom can be seen on so many hit shows, from Mindy Project to Children’s Hospital.


ingridIngrid Junngerman co-directed “Bathroom Mirror”  and is a fellow web-series creator with her smart and hilarious shows The Slope and F to 7th. 



leslie_1Leslie Korein was the best sport ever and was featured as the very forgettable friend in “Road Rage”, “Oldie” and “Basketball.” She is a joy to work with and an amazing improvisor.



mike-stillMike Still was featured in “Spinning” and is one of those guys that makes every scene funnier and more interesting. He’s a supes talented actor, writer and director.



tumblr_inline_ml695ifWux1qcz7s5Harry Frith was our most solid and fantastic director of photography and creative partner on “Stunning”, “Date”, “Road Rage, “Spinning”, “Two Parties One Night” and “Minibar.”



tumblr_inline_ml6h6nZ3F81qcz7s5Andrew Russo is an accomplished Director of Photography who worked  on episode two, “LMFAO”, additional photography on episode one, “Sexual Activity” and nine “Basketball.”



tumblr_inline_ml6h9lhA7h1qcz7s5Andy Thiess, aka “Audio Andy”, did sound and made rude jokes on the “Road Rage”, “Date”, “Spinning” and some of “Sexual Activity.”



tumblr_inline_mmv5cg6WkB1qcz7s5Bridget Palardy is a talented director and one of the best editors we’ve ever known. Bridget helped edit almost  every episode and she directed episode eight, “Armrest.” Bridget was a tremendous addition to the team.


tumblr_inline_ml6hdcbhQw1qcz7s5The ever patient Adam Glickfield created the title graphics and website branding. His company Very True Story is badass.



tumblr_inline_mmv51ulorv1qcz7s5Kelly Ambrow is a meticulous and insanely reliable sound operator/mixer who worked on “Stunning.”